What are Porn Apps?

The world is going mobile, just in case you’ve missed it, and never mind what you plan to do, you can usually be sure that there’s an app for it. As mainstream app stores begin to take a central role in many users’ lives, one niche remains in the outskirts and draws a different kind of attention.

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Porn apps are the latest trend in the adult industry and users are not just downloading them, they are going crazy. This fad began not too long ago, when adult content providers realized that smartphones open a whole new market. You can read about the history of mobile porn on Wikipedia, but the bottom line is that soon enough numerous mobile users were looking for adult materials from their iPhone or Android.

Finding Porn Apps is Not an Easy Task

Many mobile users wanted adult applications but were a bit at a loss regarding where to find them. The main problem was the Apple ban on adult apps, which enabled users from finding the application they needed through the mainstream app stores. Adult app developers were often frustrated with Apple’s inconsistent policy against adult apps and especially annoyed by the fact that some apps were approved while other, even milder ones, banned, and seemingly with no real reasoning. This phenomenon quickly created a problem for anyone who wanted to access adult mobile sites and it was only a matter of time before the adult industry address the growing need. The rule of the free market is supply and demand and the demand for sex apps was getting big, and fast.

Designated Adult App Store Appear and Win Instant Popularity

The rapid change began when adult app developers stopped fighting to get approved by Apple and instead turned into creating specialized porn app stores. Companies such as FuckedApps or the AdultAppMart opened the gates to any professional sex app that needed a stage and the adult content providers were quick on their toes to design and improve such products. It all happened unbelievably fast. One moment there were no adult applications to be found and the next there were sites listing the best porn apps for various devises. People seemed to no longer be embarrassed about using such app tools and some were openly demanding that America embraces mobile porn apps. The final profe ot the changing attitude came when regular app stores such as AppsZoom began to offer adult apps right next to mainstream applications, in so giving further legitimacy to such products.

This does not imply the fight over what is considered legitimate in the mobile domain has been resolved. Only lately Apple condemned the Google Glass porn app and it seems that this battle is far from being over.